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Handbags with Secrets

In an era of customization, young entrepreneurs Ira Jhangiani Jain and Chandni Nihalani wanted to design handbags with a character. In keeping with the founders’ educational and professional backgrounds, the soul of Shwa essentially comprises design, research and innovation. Thus was born Shwa– a brand with a heart.

Shwa creates handbags that express a woman’s individuality, keep her secrets, and add comfort to her life with the little secret inside each bag.

The Shwa Secret: The contents of a woman’s handbag can define her lifestyle and her personality. With so much to do and so many places to be at, she can sure do with some help from her constant companion! For Season 1, Shwa has added such secret elements in the handbags, which will facilitate her daily battle against time. Discover key finders, pepper sprays, bag lights, portable charges, quick-fix lip glosses, make up pouches and other little essentials in your Shwa bag. Shhhh! Dont tell them!

Shwa Season 1 can effortlessly take you from a multi-functional day bag, to a statement evening clutch.

Our first range, inspired by popular American show – Grey’s Anatomy, the design and function of each bag is created based on the personalities of the show’s characters.

Meredith, a revolutionary 3-in-1 Bag, with a zip-off clutch, which can also be used as an iPad Sleeve, portrays the multi-functionality of a working woman, much like her character in the show. Christina is a perfect blend of fashion and function, while Callie, with her strong and bold character, is love at first stripe. Richard is a graceful statement work bag which structured compartments while baby Zola exemplifies the love of shiny things!

From hobo’s and tote’s to clutches and slings, Season 1 at Shwa is surely going to keep you hooked on!


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